How To Naturally Remove Scarring Caused By Surgery

While when you need to have a surgery the least of your concerns is that it leaves you a scar, when you recover from the surgery, the scar may start to affect you. It can either be only by aesthetically reasons or simply because it reminds you about your surgery. No matter which case is yours, you don’t need to worry about surgery scars any longer. Here are 6 natural ways to remove scarring caused by surgery:

#1: Maintain a healthy diet

Even though this is one of the natural remedies that are occasionally overlooked, having a healthy diet provides your body with the right nutrients and vitamins that can help your scars to fade away.

So, in case you just got out of a surgery, make sure that you eat plenty of vegetables that are not only high in nutrients as well as high on fiber. They will help you with the healing process.

#2: Calendula

Calendula is an annual flower that comes from the northern Mediterranean. This is one of the best natural ways to minimize scarring while your body is recovering.

One of the things that you need to be aware is that you should be using this natural method before the surgery as well as twice a day after you have your surgery.

While in the past calendula was mainly used to add flavor to soups, rice, and cereals, about 70 years ago physicians started using this flower for other purposes. They have been using it to treat minor infections on the skin, burns, bruises, scrapes, cuts, fever, conjunctivitis, and amenorrhea.

#3: Onion Extract

While onion extract can be very effective fading the color of the scar, the truth is that is unable to completely remove it. This is why you should consider using the onion extract combined with other natural remedies.

All you need to do to use onion extract us to apply it on the affected area with a cotton swab several times a day.

#4: Hone

Raw honey is one of the best natural products that you can use for scars because it isn’t only an antibiotic as it also minimizes the wound size. Besides, since it’s delicious, you can also ingest it.

#5: Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter

One of the things that you’ll notice on the area where you have your scar is that the skin is different. It’s not as soft as the rest of your skin. So, one of the best ways to moisturize it and to improve the healing process is to apply shea butter and cocoa butter to your scar.

#6: Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and it’s one of the best ways to heal and minimize scarring caused by surgery. The best way to use this method is to take orally as a daily supplement before and after the surgery. You can also get the oil and apply it directly over your scar.

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